Woman Sues Oregon Women’s Healthcare Center, Health Workers for Sepsis and Other Injuries

Posted on October 4, 2012


An Oregon woman who miscarried, lost the ability to ever have a child, and suffered several amputations filed with her husband, through their personal injury attorney, Jane Paulson of Paulson Coletti PC of Portland, a lawsuit in Multnomah County Circuit Court against Women’s Health Care, Providence St. Vincent, midwife Jabke Buesseler, midwife Jody Lindwall and Dr. Shirley Fox for negligence.

The complainant Amaia Rennie in her lawsuit said,  “As a result of defendants negligence plaintiff suffered sepsis that required bilateral below the knee amputation and amputation of part of nine of her fingers, has greatly decreased kidney function and had dialysis and potentially has other organ damage and no longer can have a baby.”      

In her narration, Rennie claimed that she called Women’s Healthcare Center and was made to speak to nurse midwife Buesseler whom she consulted about her symptoms which she described as “a sudden loss of fluid when standing up … flu-like symptoms with chills, achy and no cramping.” Allegedly, Buesseler  took little action other than to tell her to lie down, take her temperature and to go to the hospital if there was additional fluid loss or cramping. The next day, Rennie spoke in person with another midwife, Lindwall, who told her that she had most likely ruptured her membranes and that her unborn child would probably not survive. She alleges that she was told to go home and discuss her options with her husband. Later that evening, her husband took her to the delivery room at Providence Health & Services – Oregon dba Providence St. Vincent Medical Center. There Rennie learned that the fetus had died, and that the hospital had allegedly induced labor and moved her to the intensive care unit.

Rennie and her husband are seeking $77.1 million in damages.

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